Professional Lightroom Training Course by Martin Sproul

Martin Sproul is a full-time photographer shooting mainly weddings but I also organises and runs photography training courses.

He has written to the club with the following info….
I have a training course coming up entitled Lightroom – Novice to Expert that I am holding at Loxley Colour Labs, Cumbernauld.

The course will take the form of three live presentations on consecutive Saturday mornings. Also, I will be including a free eBook for every participant as well as some online training. The course costs £35 and includes:
Tea and coffee;
12 hours of live presentations;
Access to a comprehensive reference guide as a downloadable eBook;
Access to online supplementary training, and;
A £150 discount off any of our Tuscany Workshops.
Full details of the course can be viewed on our website.

If you think this would be something that your club members would be interested in, please let me know and I can provide you with further details and answer any questions you may have. It would be great to meet some of you and discuss photography.

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Martin Sproul
Mob: 07779 239437

Sad News

Sadly I have to inform you of the death of Jackie Connolly. Jackie was an Honorary Member of the Club and had been an active member prior to us moving to our current premises. He was heavily involved in the substantial work of transforming the building from its earlier use as 6 flats to our current facilities. Following completion of the work Jackie adopted the role of steward for the building, making sure that the premises were maintained in good order for the members. Even when his mobility was curtailed by ill health and he had to move to Campsie View Nursing Home, he continued to maintain a keen interest in the Club and its members. Last year Jackie gifted a generous sum of money to the Club which was used to upgrade the main hall to its current form.

I will let you know the arrangements for the funeral as soon as I receive the details.

Jim Watson


Kirkintilloch Camera Club (SCIO)

Guest Speaker Ken Lindsay – Travels to Myanmar on Monday 12th Dec.

Next week our guest speaker is Ken Lindsay of Eastwood Photographic Society who will give us a presentation on “Travels to Myanmar (Burma and Cambodia)”. Ken is one of the foremost photographers in Scotland and Malcolm Allan asked me to share with you his thoughts on the forthcoming event.

“We have enjoyed our recent photographic travels in the company of Ian Doig who took us to the Galapagos Islands and along with Claire Carter where we visited Iceland, Norway, Poland, and Patagonia as well as several parts of the UK.

Next Monday, 12th, we are very fortunate to have the pleasure of the company of Ken Lindsay. Those who have followed the fortunes of Eastwood Photographic Society will know that it has become established as one of the top clubs in Scotland. Ken is one of several highly accomplished photographers within that club and the winner of many awards nationally and internationally. His talk on his visit to Myanmar and Cambodia will include some stunning images from countries which will be unlikely to figure on the list of holiday destinations for most of us.

Highly recommended.

So came along on Monday and enjoy a comfortable seat in first class with the promise of no jet lag. Sorry, no Bucks Fizz at the interval.”

With such a recommendation you just cannot afford to miss this event.

While on the subject of next Monday I have been asked by Paul to remind you that it is also the hand in the 3rd Monthly competition. Now you have two good reasons to attend.


Jim Watson


Kirkintilloch Camera Club (SCIO)