Winning Digital Images 2016-17

Here are a selection of members top digital images for the session 2016-17

Winter Light, Stac Pollaidh by Neil MacGregor
Vicarage Skye, by David Halliburton
Vulture, by Alan Jones
The Young Ones, by Gordon Baird
Superbike, by David Halliburton
Reuben, by Neil MacGregor
Reptilian, by Fiona Brims
Red Squirrel, by David Halliburton
My Precious, by Fiona Brims
Milliners model, by Fiona Brims
Loch Leven, by Neil MacGregor
I love having a friend for dinner, by Brian Cathie
gyr saker falcon with kill, by Brian Cathie
Grey Heron Taking Off, by Neil MacGregor
Golden Girl, by Henry McEwan
Fly boy, by Robert Melvin
Eat Your Greens, by Alan Jones
easy rider, by Alan Jones
Cormorant On The Rocks, by Gordon Baird
Church in the wilderness, by Brian Cathie
Brimilsvellir footsteps, by Brian Cathie
Above the Clouds, by Fiona Brims