The Scottish Photographic Circle exhibition


The Scottish Photographic Circle exhibition starts the Auld Kirk Museum’s
exhibition programme for 2019.

Since its inception in 1907, the aim of the Scottish Photographic Circle, a
small group of dedicated photographers, has been to promote the art of
contemporary and pictorial photography in Scotland.

The quality and diversity of subject matter in this year?s exhibition
suggests that the present membership is continuing to succeed in the
achievement of this objective.

Hope you can manage along to see exhibition which runs from 9 Jan – 9
Feb 2019.

“Be a Judge for the Evening”

Those of you on Facebook may have seen a post from Fiona advising that our speaker for next Monday has cancelled. To fill in we have decided to bring forward the “Be a Judge for the Evening” night, which was scheduled for 19th February. This will be an informal fun night which involves members judging around 40 images provided by the Scottish Photographic Circle. All members will be given a score sheet and an information sheet which will provide hints and tips on judging. One of our own judges will also judge the images to let you see how your scores compare with a “professional” assessment, however, his scoring will be kept secret until the end of the judging.

After tea we will go over the images in more detail and our judge will reveal his score and give some feedback on his assessment of the images. Just to add a bit of competition to the occasion we will be giving away a bottle of wine to the person who gets closest to the judges cumulative score.

Look forward to seeing you on the night.

Jim Watson


Kirkintilloch Camera Club