Eric Mair

Images by Eric Mair:

Charing Cross Mansions in Glasgow. Used Photoshop to create this odd
looking ‘planet’.
Wee trip down to Beamish a couple of years ago. Would have used this as a
competition entry but too many members of the general public.
(See attached file: BeamishRailyardDistressed.jpg)
Another Beamish picture given a distressed effect to emulate a glass
plate/old-fashioned print.
beamish railyard distressed:
acw bw culzean1
Forces in the Field event at Culzean Castle in August. Real muskets using
real gunpowder so all fairly noisy. My brother is the one crouching at the
back behind the smoke.
Filming took place in Glasgow city centre (Cochrane Street) for a Sky TV
mini-series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Lots of 1970’s American cars on
view but no Mr Cumberbatch