Club Competition Guidelines



Note changes for 2017-2018

  1. Introduction of a B section for Projected Digital image Competitions
  2. Monthly Monochrome competition entries can be 2 images he highest scoring counting to the league result
  3. Digital images should be sized to 1600 x 1200 pixels at 96dpi resolution.

Internal Club Competitions

The club appoints an internal competitions secretary who will liaise with the external judge and is available to advise Members. 

Members are encouraged to submit entries for Competitions which are held from October to March. Entering the competition not only provides the opportunity to receive feedback on Members’ own photography but also provides material for the club to enter external completions and to stage its annual exhibition.

Each season features 4 Monthly Competitions which are judged individually and scores accumulated over all 4 months in a league format.  Towards the end of the season a one off annual competition is also held.

There are two sections for the Digital competitions, an A and a B Section. These sections apply to the Monthly Digital category of competition only. For Monochrome and Print images an open competition applies (see below for further details)

The following are guidelines for selecting the appropriate Section in which to enter images. It is for the Member themselves to elect which section they wish to enter at the beginning of a season and having selected will remain a Member of that section for the season.

Section A

Generally more experienced photographers.  

Section B

Generally, new or less experienced Members may enter Section B.

Members unsure of which Section to enter should consult the Internal Competitions Secretary as to the Section most appropriate to their abilities.

Methods of ‘Promotion’

Normally, promotion from Section B to Section A is decided on the basis of performance in the Monthly or Annual Competitions. The annual winner of the B Section League and the B Section Annual Print Competition will automatically be ‘promoted’ to the A Section for the following season.

Monthly Competitions

There are 3 categories, all of which are judged and scored separately. Members can enter any or all of the categories. The categories and numbers of entries for each monthly competition are as follows;

  • Open Print – 2 prints ( Open Section)
  • Monochrome Print – 2 prints, the highest score counting (‘Open’ Section)
  • Digital – 2 digital images (‘A Section and B Section)

Note: The Monochrome Print and Open Print will operate as one Section.( i.e No A or B sections )

This competition will be open to all those members who submit one monochrome print and/or 2 Digital Images in each of the four monthly competitions during the year.

Print and projected image entries will be marked out of 20 and will be commented on by the Judge on Competition Night.

The marks for the each category will be totalled and the total score will identify the monthly winner for each category.

The scores will be totalled for the four monthly competitions and the competitor with the highest score will win the ‘A’ section or ‘B’ section League for the Projected Image category and the ‘Open’ Section for the Monochrome and Print categories.

Entry Rules and Guidance

  • Entries for one monthly competition will not be eligible for further monthly competitions, but will be eligible for entry in the Annual competition.
  • Previous Season’s entries will not be eligible for the current season.
  • All prints must be mounted on board with the maximum size of board being 50cm x 40 cm. (16×20 ins)
  • Projected Digital Images should be sized to 1600px by 1200px at 96DPI resolution portrait images being sized to 1200px height. Please do not submit images larger than this. It is recommended that you use the sRGB profile. Images should be in jpeg format and saved to a CD or Memory Stick, with the Member’s name as the title of a folder on the CD and images individually titled in the folder.
  • All Prints entered should be titled, and be accompanied by a completed Entry Form (available from the Competition secretary on hand in night). The Member’s name should not be shown on the Print. Members are asked to submit their entries in an appropriate bag or cover, entitled with the Member’s name.

While the Club will make every effort to ensure the safekeeping of prints submitted for competitions or exhibitions the Club can accept no liability for any loss or damage.


Images must be either JPEG of TIFF format & resized to fit in format size of 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels tall.

(so if portrait format image it will be 1200 pixels tall, & width a corresponding amount smaller!)

STEP 1…Save the image with it’s title. ( which must be just the title,do not number them 1, 2 etc, do not add the competition name or anything else)

STEP 2…Create a new Folder on the desktop by right clicking and selecting “New”

STEP 3…Rename the folder with your name ( and only your name, not 3rdmonthly or anything else)

(It he images are not titled properly or in a named folder then the competition secretary has to edit the name and/or create a folder.)

STEP 4…Copy the images into the folder and copy to memory stick or burn to CD-R.

STEP 5…Label your memory stick or CD-R

Certificates and Trophies

The Monthly winners for each category and each section will receive a Club certificate.  At the Club’s end of season AGM the league winners will receive the relevant trophy as follows;

  • The Coronation Cup  – Open Section Print League competition winner
  • The Kirkintilloch Trophy – B Section Digital Image competition winner
  • The Blair Plate – ‘A’ Section Digital Image competition winner
  • The Presidents Trophy –  Section Monochrome Print competition winner

Annual Competition

There are 3 categories for the annual competition, as follows;

  • Print – 4 prints (Open Section)
  • Digital – 4 digital images (A and B section  Competition)
  • Print Panel – 4 Prints of Member’s choice (‘Open’ Competition)

Entry Rules and Guidance

  • The existing A Section and B sections will apply to the annual Digital competition.
  • The Members with the highest total score for each category in each section will be the winners.
  • Prints and PDIs entered to the season’s Monthly competitions may be entered the Annual Competition.
  • Previous Season’s entries will not be eligible for the current season.

Certificates and Trophies

The winners for each category and each section will receive a Club certificate.  At the Club’s end of season AGM the winners will receive the relevant trophy as follows;

  • The Kilsyth Cup – Open Section Annual Print competition winner
  • The Turner Cup – The author of the best Print, Judge’s choice
  • The Andrew Grainger Trophy The author of the best panel of Prints
  • The Caurnie Cup – ‘A’ Section Annual Digital Image competition winner
  • The Beginners Trophy ‘B’ Section Annual Digital Image competition winner
  • The Henderson Quaich – The author of the best Digital Image, Judge’s choice

5 thoughts on “Club Competition Guidelines

  1. Graham Hamilton September 5, 2017 / 10:55 am


    If I decided to join the club how does it work on sending in photos for competitions as a new member, are they rules on how long the photo has been taken i.e. no longer than a year.

    I must thank you and your members for the warm welcome I received last night and look ward to seeing you all next week. I will be out of commission all through Oct- into Nov as I have to get a half knee replacement operation 0n the 4th of October. On that I am still like to come back and see if I fit in to your well run club.


    Graham Hamilton

    • locheil September 5, 2017 / 11:19 am

      Hi Graham,
      No rule for how old images are. Digital images are submitted approx 2 weeks before the competition on a USB stick at hand in night(should be noted on syllabus) . Likewise, prints are handed in on same night 2 usually weeks prior. Prints to be mounted on stiff card, max 16x20ins.

      Alan Cameron

      • Graham Hamilton September 24, 2017 / 4:05 pm

        Hi Alan

        Thanks for that, I will try my best to get it to the size needed but I don’t know how to do this but will ask around.



      • Graham Hamilton October 24, 2017 / 1:06 pm

        Hi Allan

        When do the next photo have to be in by for the next club competition?

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